Why a Needle?

    The needle must be used to treat the patient because the acupuncture point is under the skin. The tip of the needle touches the acupuncture point and begins the healing process. Ling Shu, chapter one describes the functional part of the needle as being the tip, “神在秋毫” “the spirit is at the tip.”*    If the needleContinue reading “Why a Needle?”

Nei Jing on the Vital Importance of the Acupuncture Needle

The acupuncture point is where the disease is treated by the doctor using acupuncture needles. This is the most vital aspect of eastern medicine. It has lost its place from the forefront of treatment. Many doctors have shifted the main treatment method to herbal medicine. The reason that acupuncture is not the first choice isContinue reading “Nei Jing on the Vital Importance of the Acupuncture Needle”