Beautiful Passages from Nei Jing #2

The meridians are the foundation of the body.  This importance is poetically described by Huang Di himself in the beginning of Ling Shu, chapter ten.  The young doctor Lei Gong begins the discussion when he asks the following question; 禁服之言,凡刺之理,经脉为始,营其所行,制其度量,内刺五脏,外别六腑。愿尽闻其道。黄帝曰:人始生,先成精,精成而脑随生,骨为干,脉为营,筋为纲,肉为墙,皮肤坚而毛发长,谷入于胃,脉道以通,血气乃行。雷公曰:愿卒闻经脉之始生。黄帝曰:经脉者,所以能决死生,处百病,调虚实,不可不通。 “[Ling Shu, chapter forty-eight, entitled] ‘Jin Fu’ states, every acupuncture theory begins with the meridians,Continue reading “Beautiful Passages from Nei Jing #2”