Beautiful Passages from Nei Jing: The Tip of the Needle

Acupuncture points are locations where disease enters the body.  Su Wen, chapter sixty-two explains all sites where pathogens enter the body.  

“人有精气津液,四支,九窍,五藏,十六部,三百六十五节,乃生百病,百病之生,皆有虚实。” “Humans have Jing, Qi, Jin, Ye, four limbs, nine orifices, five zang organs, six fu organs, sixteen channels, three hundred sixty-five acupuncture points, where the hundred diseases can develop, in the development of the hundred diseases each has its deficient [aspects] and excessive [aspects].”  
Su Wen, chapter ten adds the needle into this equation, “人有大谷十二分,小溪三百五十四名,少十二俞,此皆卫气所留止,邪气之所客也,针石缘而去之。” “Humans have twelve major meridians dividing [the body], three hundred fifty-four acupuncture points along with twelve more shu points, these are all for the Wei Qi to flow, pathogenic Qi can enter here, like a visitor, the needle’s sharp end expels [the pathogen].”  This is how acupuncture points are simultaneously linked to the development and treatment of disease.  The acupuncture needles are used to directly treat disease at the acupuncture point.

*“神在秋毫” is literally, “the spirit is at the autumn down,” or the new down feathers with fine tips.  Obviously a tender reference to the tip of the needle.

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