Nei Jing on the Vital Importance of the Acupuncture Needle

The acupuncture point is where the disease is treated by the doctor using acupuncture needles. This is the most vital aspect of eastern medicine. It has lost its place from the forefront of treatment. Many doctors have shifted the main treatment method to herbal medicine. The reason that acupuncture is not the first choice isContinue reading “Nei Jing on the Vital Importance of the Acupuncture Needle”

The Difference Between “Sham Acupuncture” and “True Acupuncture” Must be Clarified.

As acupuncture and Eastern Medicine become more mainstream, more misleading research is appearing in the news. It is important to clarify any possible mistakes. In an attempt to create a placebo group for acupuncture trials, researchers have been needling nonspecific acupuncture points in what is called, the “sham” acupuncture group, and needling specific acupuncture pointsContinue reading “The Difference Between “Sham Acupuncture” and “True Acupuncture” Must be Clarified.”

Treating Feather Picking in Parrots

Feather Picking is a difficult condition to treat for parrot owners and vets alike. A 1993 study on 28 parrots by Worell and Farber showed: “Certain types of birds, in particular, Umbrella Cockatoos and Moluccan Cockatoos, show very positive and beneficial responses to acupuncture therapy for feather picking.” Nei Jing Eastern Medicine has been successfulContinue reading “Treating Feather Picking in Parrots”