We Treat Personal Injury Cases!

If you were in a car accident acupuncture is one of your treatment options. We at Nei Jing Eastern Medicine have treated those injured in car accidents for many years. We have met many patients that were unaware that acupuncture is covered by personal injury car insurance. We want everyone to know that your favoriteContinue reading “We Treat Personal Injury Cases!”

Dr. Ramirez Voted "Favorite Acupuncturist" in Culver City by the Readers of Culver City News!

Dr. Ramirez was humbled once again today when he got the notice of his win.  “I really appreciate this honor because it is voted on by the people of the community I serve. Thank you all very much!”

The Difference Between “Sham Acupuncture” and “True Acupuncture” Must be Clarified.

As acupuncture and Eastern Medicine become more mainstream, more misleading research is appearing in the news. It is important to clarify any possible mistakes. In an attempt to create a placebo group for acupuncture trials, researchers have been needling nonspecific acupuncture points in what is called, the “sham” acupuncture group, and needling specific acupuncture pointsContinue reading “The Difference Between “Sham Acupuncture” and “True Acupuncture” Must be Clarified.”