Five Ways to Optimize Your Immune System

Dr. Ramirez discusses 5 ways to optimize your immune system 1. Eat a variety of plant foods like, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, etc.  Plant are the ideal foods for humans. They provide the compounds needed to run an optimal immune system. Two examples of foods showing great promise in recent research are mushrooms andContinue reading “Five Ways to Optimize Your Immune System”

Beautiful Passages from Nei Jing: Heart Meridian has no Shu Points

Shu points are a very special group of five points on each meridian, except the Heart Meridian.  Shu points were added to the Heart meridian in a later book called, Nan Jing, even though the Nei Jing takes the time to explain exactly why the Heart meridian does not have Shu points.  Ling Shu chapterContinue reading “Beautiful Passages from Nei Jing: Heart Meridian has no Shu Points”