Our Healthy Weight Program

A recent UCLA-led study concluded that Body Mass Index, BMI is not an accurate measure of health for humans. It labels many fit people as “obese.” At Nei Jing Eastern Medicine, we have never used BMI as an indicator of health. Perhaps it is because Dr. Ramirez worked for many years at UCLA’s John WoodenContinue reading “Our Healthy Weight Program”

Meat and Dairy Came with a Warning Label in Ancient China

Ancient Chinese medical texts agree with the modern nutrition research by warning against the consumption of animal products. In fact, the ancient eastern medical texts are so thorough, they categorized every consumable, whether it be food or medicinal herbs and labeled everything based on how it affected the body. Warnings are given about any substanceContinue reading “Meat and Dairy Came with a Warning Label in Ancient China”

Don’t Take Your Vitamins, Eat a Plant-Based Diet

The following article only makes small mention of the the benefit of eating fruits and vegetables over consuming vitamins. Yet, vast research presented by Cornell University, among others like Harvard Univeristy, Loma Linda University etc., demonstrates that humans consuming a “whole foods, plant-based diet” do not need vitamin supplementation, especially if they are getting regular amounts of vitamin B12Continue reading “Don’t Take Your Vitamins, Eat a Plant-Based Diet”