Antibiotic Resistance and Eastern Medicine

An article from the UK published Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013 sounded the alarm for the looming problem of antibiotic resistance.  

From the article: “Prof. Dame Sally Davies said bacteria are learning how to resist our current antibiotics and there are few new drugs in the pipeline to replace them.  She warned that in 20 years, a simple infection following a routine surgery could become fatal because doctors will not have the antibiotics to treat it.”

Western societies may want to consider a return to the use of plant medicines, like the raw herbs used in eastern medicine.  Not reported in the mainstream media is the fact that herbal medicine has already been used to avert catastrophe during the SARS epidemic. The book, Formulas, Herbs and Isolates in the Cancer Clinic, contains a description of China’s actions:

When the SARS epidemic spread through China, the government called upon its master herbalists to protect the population and health care workers… The SARS epidemic was contained by supplying citizens with measured doses of medicinal tea on a daily basis at public sites throughout urban areas. Health care and hospital workers were given double and triple doses. The population was protected from an infection, the epidemic was contained for an organism that modern medicine does not even know how to treat.

The text goes on the describe other capabilities of herbal medicine. “There are botanic medicines that reduce drug resistance, enhance chemotherapy and radiation therapy efficacy, reduce risk of infection after surgery, lower elevated liver enzymes, repair neuropathies and gastrointestinal lining and modulate immunity.”

Eastern medicine is thoroughly researched and proven effective.  Consider herbal medicine and acupuncture before antibiotics. For further information, please contact us.

Published by Raul Ramirez, L.Ac., Ph.D.

Physician, Catch Wrestler, Kickboxer, Vegan, Progressive

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