Antibiotic Resistance and Eastern Medicine

An article from the UK published Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013 sounded the alarm for the looming problem of antibiotic resistance.  From the article: “Prof. Dame Sally Davies said bacteria are learning how to resist our current antibiotics and there are few new drugs in the pipeline to replace them.  She warned that in 20 years,Continue reading “Antibiotic Resistance and Eastern Medicine”

Dr. Ramirez Wins Gold in the Best of Culver City 2012

Dr. Ramirez of Nei Jing Eastern Medicine received the gold star in the “Best of Culver City 2012” issue of the Culver City News.  “I am deeply humbled by this honor.  It is always a pleasure serving the people of Culver City.  Thank you all for your support.”

Long Term Physiological Effects of Psychological Stress According to Nei Jing and Modern Research

The physiological effects of psychological stress can linger long in the life of an individual.  The measurable effects from stress begin instantly and endure:“The stress response can be viewed as an intereactional process that causes psychophysiologic reactions that are immediate and can occur up to and including physiologic events three weeks after confrontation with theContinue reading “Long Term Physiological Effects of Psychological Stress According to Nei Jing and Modern Research”

Learn Authentic Wu Style Taiji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan)

Wu Style Taiji Quan is a later version of Taiji Quan originally developed in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.   It is a type of Gong Fu (Kung Fu) exercise that challenges the mind and body, with practical self-defense applications.Unfortunately, the original movement sequence (form, kata) is no longer taught, or known by mostContinue reading “Learn Authentic Wu Style Taiji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan)”