Nei Jing and Vegetarianism

There is overwhelming scientific evidence proving the health benefits of a vegetarian diet.  What does the Nei Jing say about animal protein and disease?  The Nei Jing does not make endorse any specific diet.  In fact, meat is recommended as a supplement for one specific case in Ling Shu, chapter nine, along with strongly spicedContinue reading “Nei Jing and Vegetarianism”

NSCA Article Regarding Athletes and Vegetarian/Vegan Diets

The National Strength and Conditioning Association released their Performance Training Journal, vol. 8.6, today, containing the article, “Where Do Vegetarian Athletes Get Their Protein?” by Juan Gonzalez PhD, CSCS and Ashley Eubanks.  The article discusses many current misunderstandings that surround vegetarianism and veganism,  and offers some great assurances to the many athletes that are becomingContinue reading “NSCA Article Regarding Athletes and Vegetarian/Vegan Diets”