Dr Ramirez Featured in Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine

This is the January 2014 issue of Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine. It is a great issue featuring great articles about regaining health by adopting a vegan diet. Dr. Ramirez discusses Catch Wrestling, Sanda, Eastern Medicine in his interview. Get your copy today!

Thoughts on the Efficacy of Acupuncture in Nei Jing

The Nei Jing does not state that needle treatment is effective and that herbal medicine is not effective, but most diseases are curable with needle treatment alone.  Huang Di makes this next statement at the very beginning of Ling Shu, chapter one: “余子万民,养百姓, 而收其租税。余哀其不给,而属有疾病。余欲勿使被毒药,无用砭石,欲以微针痛其经脉,调其血气,营其逆顺出入之会,令可传于后世。”  “I am responsible to all the citizens, [I must] nourish theContinue reading “Thoughts on the Efficacy of Acupuncture in Nei Jing”

Beautiful Passages from Nei Jing: The Power of Acupuncture

From Ling Shu, chapter one: “今夫五脏之疾也,譬犹刺也,犹污也,犹结也,犹闭也。刺虽久,犹可拨也;污虽久,犹可雪也;结虽久,犹可解也;闭虽久,犹可决也。或言久疾之不可取者,非其说也。夫善用针者,取其疾也,犹拨刺也,犹雪污也,犹解结也,犹决闭也。疾虽久,犹可毕也。言不可治者, 未得其术也。”  “When people contract a disease in their five viscera, it is like having a thorn embedded in the body, like being tarnished, like being tied into a knot, like being closed down.  The thorn although embedded for a long time, can be removed; the tarnish although present forContinue reading “Beautiful Passages from Nei Jing: The Power of Acupuncture”